organic fertilizer

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organic fertilizer
Date Posted: 2010-12-25
Offer Expires: 2011-2-25
Brief Description:

organic fertilizer 100% natural with no chemicals added, from planet,possibility to produce enrich with N:P:K elements .

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Apr Asahrae [Egypt]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer, Trading Company, Agent
  • Product/Services:enrgy69juice,malt drink,fruit nectar juice,fruit jams.tomato paste.concentrate fruit pulp. and others
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organic fertilizer - Detailed Description


+ ORGANIC FERTILIZER, 100% natural from planet, best for farms , soil and


*Organic fertilizer of plant origin, without any other additions and contains high concentrations of nutrients and works to improve the properties of soil physical, chemical and biotechnology and its ability to increase productivity, reduce reliance on chemical fertilizers..

*Improve the construction of sandy soil and works to dismantle the heavy soil textures

*Contains the elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in addition to micronutrients in the case of equilibrium and that the plant needs

*Contains some natural hormones and antibodies which is necessary for the production of healthy food .

*Use leads to a reduction in the amount of  chemical fertilizers added to soil, including at least one-third

*Free from weed seeds and parasites, especially nematodes

*Odorless and we produce  types with natural flowers smell specially for  gardens

*Suitable for all field crops and medicinal plants and aromatic plants, ornamental trees and fruit trees and vegetables

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