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MVP Key programmer
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Date Posted: 2009-12-29
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MVP Key programmer - Detailed Description
Covers all version functions of T300, AUTOMAM, K1, 2005, 2008, DECODER), and add more functions, such as the update 06-07 Honda system, Peugeot system and control, Hyundai system and control, the menu and control of Daewoo, Kia control, GM control and System update, Mitsubishi CAN BUS System, VW menu and control, CAN BUS Interface.
Kits includes
1.       MVP Hand Held tester x 1pc
2.       9 inch main cable x 1pc
3.       12V Power x 1pc
4.       Honda adapter x 2pcs
5.       Peugeot adapter x 2pcs
6.       GM/Daewoo adapter x 1pcs
7.       Mitsubishi adapter x 1pcs
8.       Suzuki adapter x 1pcs
9.       Nissan adapter x 2pcs
10.    OBD-II adapter x 1pcs
11.    CHRYSLER 138 adapter x1pc (newly added in Nov. 8th)
12.    CHRYSLER 138 adapter x1pc (newly added in Nov. 8th)
13.    Packing Case Included
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