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factory export sicoma concrete mixer Italy parts suppky with Chian factory
Almost 0.5m3/h as capacity and theoretical capacity is more than 25m3/h
factory export Densified Silica Fume
Densified silica fume can pack with big bags, which is easy for delivery.
factory export Undensified Silica Fume
Undensified Silica fume can produce from 85%-95% by the content of SiO2
factory export Silica Fume for Concrete
Silica fume can use frequently as the concrete additive
factory export Silica Fume for grouting application
Silica fume can used in grouting application
factory export Composite geomembrane
Composite geomembrane is waterproof material composed of geotextile and geomembrane, anti-aging, corrosion resistance.
factory export Rubber belt, Round Belts, Round Rubber belt, transmission belt
Round Belts, Rubber belt, transmission belt, Rubber drive belts can be divided into rubber round belt
factory export short fiber geotextile
Taking short-fiber as raw material With high properties of tensile strength, tearing strength and CBR bursting strength
factory export PVC Plastic Waterstop
widely applied in construction joints and deformation joints .Such as tunnel, culvert, water conveyance ,etc.
factory export Plastic blind drain
For Drainage of road, railway ground and shoulder, tunnel, subway, underground channel, hillside and bank slope.
factory export Grouted hollow rock bolt
Grouted hollow anchor bolt embodies anchor body, drilling bit, stopper, arch plate and nut as a whole.
factory export Long fiber geotextile
Needle-punched non-woven geotextiles have excellent water flow rates and are used for filtration of soil fines
factory export cement
various types of cement. The company’s products take a leading position in the cement industry
factory export Door Closer and Floor hinge.(Floor Spring). KOREA products
Door Closer and Floor hinge.(Floor Spring). KOREA products Very smoothly and completely working for different kinds of doors. F
factory export Cement
Cement is a fine powder mixture of various minerals. Cement is powder and is one of the main ingredients in concrete.
factory export chimney maintenance
reinforce of the chimney, new construction of chimney, high washing, waterproof and leak stopping
factory export High altitude construction anticorrosion and maintenance
High altitude project: desulfurization, antisepsis, maintenance and add hoop on chimney, high altitude chimney construction.
factory export working aloft
Chimney project: chimney maintenance, cooling tower new building and maintenance, chimney desulfurization antisepsis coating.
factory export High altitude construction anticorrosion and maintenance
lightning rod installation,iron tower installation,launching tower installation, chimney platform installation
factory export Anticorrosion and maintenance aloft
mansion cleaning, outer wall cleaning, coating navigation mark color wheel, outer wall painting execution, painting color wheel
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