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factory export Insulation material
thermal conductivity can be 0.0045W/m.k, thickness is 7-20mm, save much cost and enhance efficiency immensely, harmlessly 50yea
factory export Refrigerant R125
used as refrigerants, the vital part of mixed working substances to substitute CFC-502 & HCFC-22
factory export Solar Power Refrigerator & Freezer
Energor direct current (DC) refrigerators and freezers are
factory export Ice Cream Freezer(MDI-501)
Enjoy fresh and healthy ice cream at home conveniently !
factory export home appliances mould,air conditioner mould,refrigerator mould,washing machine mould,printer mould,commodity mould
home appliances mould,air conditioner mould,refrigerator mould,washing machine mould,printer mould,commodity mould
factory export refrigerator,freezer
we are the professional refrigerator manufacturer in CHINA,and have exported to more than 100 countries
factory export Single Foam Top Chest Freezer
Zhejiang Huamei Manufacture Electric Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of refrigerators, refrigerator factory in China
factory export Joyikey Cosmatic Cooler Case with 7L cubage
1.Joyikey Cosmatic Cooler Case with 7L cubage 2. Cooling method: Wind 3. Inside Voltage:45%--65% 4.Display: LCD
factory export Small Size Insulin Cooling Box
1.Insulin Cooling Box 2.2-8 degree Celsius(35.6'F-46.4'F) 3.Dual temperture display 4.One key operate 5.Intelligent alarm
factory export Joyikey mini fridge for medical
1.Joyikey mini fridge 2.36-46 degree Fahrenheit 3.Dual LCDdisplay 4.4000mAh lithium battery 5.One key operate
factory export freezer
loding capacity:100 N W ( Kgs):30 G W ( Kgs):35 Structure:FLAT Condensor :INSIDE GAS:R134a Basket:1
factory export freezer BCD-188T
model:BCD-188T Capacity( L ):188 N W ( Kgs):38 G W( Kgs):43 Structure:STEP GAS:R134a
factory export BD/BC-300T
model:BD/BC-300T Capacity ( L ):300 N W ( Kgs) :51 G W ( Kgs):57 Condensor:outside
factory export BD/BC-300
MODEL:BD/BC-300 Capacity ( L ):300 N W ( Kgs):55 G W ( Kgs)62 Condensor:INSIDE/OUTSIDE
factory export SD/SC-100
Capacity ( L ):10 N W ( Kgs):32 G W ( Kgs):35 Structure:flat Basket:1 Condensor:inside GAS:R134a Compressor
factory export SD/SC-210
loding capacity:210 N W ( Kgs):47 G W ( Kgs):55 Structure:flat Basket:1 Condensor:INSIDE GAS:R134a
factory export SD/SC-300
loding capacity:300 N W ( Kgs):51 G W ( Kgs):57 Structure:step Basket:1 Condensor; inside GAS:R134a
factory export SD/SC-190Y
loding capacity:190 N W ( Kgs);46 G W ( Kgs):54 Structure:flat Basket:1 Condensor;INSIDE GAS: R134a
factory export LC-218
overall dimension(L*W*H):510*540*1650mm size of carton(L*W*H):620*620*1700mm net weight:47kg gross weight:53kg
factory export LC-288
overall dimension(L*W*H):480*598*1910 size of carton(L*W*H):630*620*1940 net weight:55kg gross weight:62kg
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