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factory supply Molecular Sieve Aw-300
DESCRIPTION AW-300 MOLSIV adsorbent is a small pore opening,acid resistant molecular sieve product.
factory supply Molecular Sieve Aw-500
DESCRIPTION AW-500 adsorbent is a clay-bound, acid-resistant molecular sieve product. AW-500 adsorbent will adsorb molecules wit
factory supply Molecular Sieve Az-300
DESCRIPTION AZ-300 adsorbent is a spherical specialty alumina- zeolite composite adsorbent with low reactivity.
factory supply Defoaming Agent 910
Defoaming agent is also known as anti-foam agent or defoamer chemical, which is widely used to eliminate harmful bubbles in the
factory supply Scouring Agent of Cotton Fabric
[Brief information] --It is widely used in textile processing. It has good emulsification, dispersion, penetration ability, can
factory supply Silicone Softener Thickener HT-300
[Brief information] -- Silicone Softener Thickener is associated type polyacrylic acid, with thickening, stable foam, chelate,
factory supply Desizing Enzyme
Desizing enzyme not only make dyes desizing completely, but also have no damage effect on fiber, thus achieving the best effect
factory supply Flame Retardant Agent HT-YZ220
[Brief information ] Flame retard agent HT-YZ220 is the compound of phosphate a which suitable for anti-flaming finish of cotton
factory supply Printing anti staining agent
Printing anti staining agent for acid dyestuffs HT-SF for anti-staining soaping and removing unfixed dyes after dyeing of nylon,
factory supply Terpolymer Silicone Softener HT-357
[Brief information] -- A brand new weakly cationic softener that can biodegrade without toxic or stimulation, which is a recogni
factory supply Cationic Fixing Agent
Cationic fixing agent mainly through the cation and dye molecules in the anion group formation of ionic bonding, thereby sealing
Min.Order:1.00 Metric Ton
factory supply Rubber accelerator MBS(NOBS,MOR)
Rubber accelerator MBS(NOBS,MOR)
Min.Order:1.00 Metric Ton
factory supply rubber accelerator MBT(M)
Rubber accelerator MBT
Min.Order:15.00 Ton
factory supply Rubber Accelerator ZDEC(ZDC,EZ)
Rubber Accelerator ZDEC(ZDC,EZ)
Min.Order:10.00 Ton
factory supply Rubber Accelerator ZDBC(BZ)
Rubber accelerator ZDBC(BZ)
Min.Order:10.00 Ton
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