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factory supply Static Protection Electrostatic Discharge Shielding Zip Lock Bag OEM For Static Sensitive Electronics
1. Features of electrostatic discharge shielding bagThese transparent, metalized static shielding bags provide a static safe
factory supply DSH Series Double Screw Cone Powder Mixer
DSH Double Screw Cone Powder Mixer is convection mixer of high efficiency.It has characteristic of gentle,high accuracy mixing..
Min.Order:1.00 Set/Sets
factory supply TSG200 Vacuum Conveyor for Grain
TSG200 Vacuum Conveyor: 1.GMP Feeder. 2.304 Stainless steel Vacuum Conveyor. 3.Feeding Conveyor/Feeder.
Min.Order:1.00 Set/Sets
factory supply Manual Paint Dispenser
Technical data: Application: Water or Oil Colorant (1-24 types) Maximum high of can: 350mm
Min.Order:1.00 Set/Sets
factory supply Automatic Paint Mixer
Technical: Applicable range: 0.5L-20L(paint in drum) Height /diameter in the drum: 7cm to 43cm. Diameter of the drum: 7cm to 38
Min.Order:1.00 Set/Sets
factory supply Computerized Color Tinting
Compatible with water, oil, universal and light solvent colorants
Min.Order:1.00 Bag/Bags
factory supply Faster  Shaker
Application:(0.5-5)L barrelled paint, 5Litres×2cans at the same time.
Min.Order:1.00 Bag/Bags
factory supply Combined Paint  Tinting Machine
This model machine is a combined with automatic paint shaker and manual paint dispense
Min.Order:1.00 Bag/Bags
factory supply Manual Gyroscopic Paint Mixer
Application: 0.5L-20L barrelled paint
Min.Order:1.00 Bag/Bags
factory supply Automatic Paint Shaker
Application: 0.5L-20L barrelled paint
Min.Order:1.00 Bag/Bags
factory supply Manual Clamping Paint Shaker
Applicable range: 0.5L-20L (paint in drum)
Min.Order:1.00 Bag/Bags
factory supply ZLG Series Vibrating Fluid Bed Drier
ZLG Series Rectilinear Vibrating Fluid Bed Drier is suitablity in chemical industry,light industry, pharmaceutical, food...
Min.Order:1.00 Set/Sets
factory supply vibrating sieve
The main function of vibrating screen is to separate different sizes of products or remove the impurity.
Min.Order:1.00 Piece/Pieces
factory supply honeycomb ceramic catalyst
The Honeycomb Ceramic is made of cordierite, and it is used for car catalytic converter.
Min.Order:100.00 Cubic Meter
factory supply Catalytic Combustion Ceramic Board
The high-Powered oxygen storage material ensures that the fuel gas is burned completely and the coke formation will never happen
Min.Order:100.00 Cubic Meter
factory supply Inert Alumina Ceramic Ball
Inert ceramic ball is widely used in many fields, such as petroleum, chemical engineering, fertilizer, smelting
Min.Order:100.00 Ton
factory supply high Alumina ceramic ball
We produce high alumina balls of 90-92%, 95%, and more than 99%, please tell me the details if any enquiry
Min.Order:10.00 Ton
factory supply Metal packing series
We can product catalytic combustion ceramic board follow customer’s request.
Min.Order:100.00 Piece/Pieces
factory supply Metal conjugated ring for tower packing
Metallic rasching rings are simple shaped, with the same size of height and diameter. Large size of the rings (100 MM above)
Min.Order:1.00 Cubic Meter
factory supply Silicone stopper, Silicone plug, Plating silicone plug
Silicone stopper, Silicone plug, Plating silicone plug
Min.Order:8000000.00 Piece/Pieces
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