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factory supply Precision Stamped parts
Web: www grandmfgcn com E-mail: grandmfgcn at yahoo com Precision machined metal parts,CNC Machining parts, machinery parts
factory supply New Type 20kg Pesticide Payload Agriculture Spraying Drone
good safety performance, moderate spraying speed, complete spraying device, and can maintain a fixed height from the crops
Min.Order:1.00 Set/Sets
factory supply AB1771-OB
Min.Order:1.00 Piece/Pieces
factory supply AB1771-OD16 A
AB1771-OD16 A
Min.Order:1.00 Piece/Pieces
factory supply air compressor water separators
Min.Order:10.00 Piece/Pieces
factory supply Air compressor air filter
Air compressor air filter
Min.Order:5000.00 Piece/Pieces
factory supply Gorelocker
hydraulic elbow maker SBEM-1250
Min.Order:1.00 Set/Sets
factory supply die- casting  parts
• CNC Machining • Aluminum Die Casting • Zinc Die Casting • Metal Finishing and Surface Treatment
factory supply PSA Nitrogen (N2) generator/plant
Runoff: 1 – 3000 Nm3/h Purity: 97 - 99.9995% Pressure: 0.05 - 1.0Mpa Dew Point: -60 - -45 oC
factory supply Nitrogen Generator for Foodstuff
Flow: 50-2000Nm3/h Purity: 99-99.9% Pressure: 0.05-1.0Mpa Dewpoint: 45℃
factory supply Nitrogen Generator for Coal mine
Flow: 200-1200Nm3/h Purity: 99-99.9% Pressure: 0.05-0.65Mpa Dewpoint: -20- -45℃
factory supply PSA industrial nitrogen (N2) generator/plant
PSA NO2 generator 1) Runoff: 1 – 3000 Nm3/h 2) Purity: 97 - 99.9995% 3) Pressure: 0.05 - 1.0Mpa 4) Dew Point: -60 - -45
factory supply Nitrogen Generator for Pharmacy
Flow: 5~23Nm3/h Purity: 99-99.9% Pressure: <0.7Mpa Dewpoint: -45℃
factory supply VPSA Oxygen Generator
1) Runoff: 200 - 5000Nm3/h 2) Purity: 21 - 95% 3) Pressure: 5 – 20Kpa 4) Dew Point: in accordance with custormer’s
factory supply Pipeline Pneumatic Valve
Nominal pressure (Mpa):1.0 1.6 2.5 Diameter range (mm):DN10—DN200 Valve material:1Cr18Ni9Ti Working temperature(oC):-20
factory supply Pipeline Pneumatic Regulating Valve
Nominal pressure(Mpa):0.6 1.0 1.6 2.5 Diameter range(mm):DN20-DN200 Operating temperature(oC):-20~200 Valve body material:stainl
factory supply Check Valve
Nominal pressure(Mpa):1.0 1.6 2.5 Diameter range(mm):DN15-DN100 Working temperature(oC):-60~30 Weight(kg): 0.12~3.40
factory supply LW series centrifuge
LW Series Decanting Centrifuge
Min.Order:1.00 Set/Sets
factory supply gas liquid separator
ZYQ series mud gas separator (Poor Boy ) is the professional equipment to process the gas cut drilling mud
Min.Order:1.00 Set/Sets
factory supply nitrogen generator
1. quick and convenient start and stop 2 low investment and energy consumption
Min.Order:1.00 Set/Sets
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