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factory supply Leeb Hardness Tester  HM-6560
Inspection of bearing and other mass produced parts on a production line
Min.Order:1.00 Piece/Pieces
factory supply Belt  Tension  Tester BTT-2880
Main used in belt tension measurement, can also be applied to measure the tension of objects such as tapes, wires.
Min.Order:1.00 Piece/Pieces
factory supply Mechanic's Stethoscope  MS-120
Widely used in ship, automobile, chemical manufacture, metallurgy, machine, household appliance and many other fields.
Min.Order:1.00 Piece/Pieces
factory supply Window Tint Meter WTM-1000
It measures the total amount of Visual Light Transmission (henceforth referred to as VLT) through a window and any coatings
Min.Order:1.00 Piece/Pieces
factory supply Window Tint Meter   WTM-1100
Applicable to measure the transmittance or haze of all kinds of transparent.
Min.Order:1.00 Piece/Pieces
factory supply Stroboscope  DT-2350P
Any cases to measure the totational speed of a rotating object and to inspect the defect on its surface.
Min.Order:1.00 Piece/Pieces
factory supply PH/ORP Controller  PH/ORP-2000
Display LCD Measurement range 0-14pH/1mV. under 1000-1000mV Accuracy 0.01pH. 1mV
Min.Order:1.00 Piece/Pieces
factory supply Temperature Meter TM-1310
Application: Used to measure the temperature of liquids, gases, solids and surface temperature.
Min.Order:1.00 Piece/Pieces
factory supply lightning pulse voltage online monitoring of high-voltage impulse voltage divider
lightning pulse voltage online monitoring of high-voltage impulse voltage divider
Min.Order:1.00 Set/Sets
factory supply Wireless Temperature Humidity Monitoring System
GSX4-HV uploads data via GPRS with SMS alarm. All channels can be configured with alarm levels.
Min.Order:1.00 Set/Sets
factory supply Temperature Humidity GPRS Data Logger
GSX4-HV is a data collector with temperature, humidity, analog, pulse and digital channels. Data is delivered via GPRS and SMS.
Min.Order:1.00 Set/Sets
factory supply SAMSUNG FEEDER CP40/CP45 8~44mm FEEDER for SMT machine
SAMSUNG CP40/CP45 8~44mm FEEDER for SMT machine 1.Have a large of inventory 2.Original and copy new 3.Competitive price
factory supply SMT nozzle Samsung nozzle for SMT machine
Samsung nozzle for SMT machine 1.Original and copy new; 2.Quality guaranteed; 3.Short delivery time
factory supply CP40 NOZZLE SMT nozzle SAMSUNG nozzle
CP40 NOZZLE SMT nozzle SAMSUNG nozzle 1. Original and copy new; 2. Quality guaranteed; 3.competitive price
factory supply Three Component Geophone-Used for Seismic Survey
3c Geophone, Triaxial Geophones, 3 Component Geophone, 3 Component Sensor, 4.5Hz, 10Hz, 3c Analog Sensors, Seismic Survey
Min.Order:50.00 Piece/Pieces
factory supply Geophone-Used for Seismic Refraction/Reflection Survey
The geophone element, ZF-10, is compatible to SG-10 of Sercel Harmonic distortionic: 0.075% Typical spurious frequency: 240Hz
Min.Order:50.00 Piece/Pieces
factory supply Seismic Refraction Cable
Compatible to all types of seismographs, can be 12ch,24ch, 48ch, custom made.
Min.Order:1.00 Set/Sets
factory supply CHROMA-2 Pocket Chroma Meter
It can measure all of the spectrum parameters and illuminance directly It can test flux with the integrating sphere (option)
Min.Order:1.00 Piece/Pieces
factory supply CSS61000-11 Voltage Dips and Interruptions Generator
The voltage dip and interruptions generator is specially designed according to the characteristics and requirements of EMS
Min.Order:1.00 Set/Sets
factory supply DC3005 Digital CC and CV DC Power Supply
The DC Series Power Supplies are with high stability and high accuracy. The voltage and current can be adjustable and simple use
Min.Order:1.00 Set/Sets
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