Choline Chloride 60

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factory supply Choline Chloride 60% (Corn Cob)
Choline chloride 60% is obtained by spraying and thoroughly mixing aqueous choline chloride on a vegetable carrier .
factory supply Choline Chloride 60% Corn Cob
Choline Chloride 60% Corn Cob is one of the Feed Additives
factory supply choline chloride 60%
Choline chloride (on vegetable supporter) 60%: Product standard CAS#67-48-1 Molecular formula:HOCH2CH2N(CH3)3Cl Chemical name:(
factory supply choline chloride corn cob
choline chloride 60% corn cob feed adiditive
factory supply Choline Chloride
1.Brand:Shixiang 2.MOQ:25Tons 3.Origin:Hebei,China
Min.Order:1.00 Ton
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