A buy offer is a purchasing request posted by buyers. Essentially, it is an invitation from the buyer to the seller, and the seller will reply with requested products and price information. 

Post a buy offer when you cannot find your interested products on ByTrade.com. As we known most suppliers do not post all the products they offer, so that a buy offer will tell the suppliers what you want and let the right suppliers come to you .

If you are not yet a member, you also can post buy offers from any pages by clicking Post buy offer on our website. The buy offer will be published on ByTrade.com after you finished with the registration. After you complete the registration you can post your buy offers.

If you are already a member, take these posting steps as follows,

1,       Sign in at My ByTrade  

2,       Click Buy Now

3,       Click Post New Buy Offer in the Buy Now Section

4,       Fill in the form

5,       Select out My Contact Preference

6,       Click Submit to submit your information if you are satisfied with it, or click reset to amend the information

When posting your buy offers, you can either select to specify your detailed contact information or conceal all the contact information about yourselves.

Upon publication, suppliers will be able to view your Buying Leads and respond accordingly. Responses from Suppliers will be sent to your Message Center in My ByTrade.

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